From the recording Your Word is Magic

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Not a Bad Mistake
© Cecilia St. King - John Prestia

Please tell me – it’s just a bad mistake, you said you’d live forever
I guess forever’s here today - No you’re not really gone
No it’s just a bad dream - The phone’s gonna ring
You’re on your way home - You’re going to walk through that door
You’re going to take me in your arms - Won’t someone please tell me
It’s just a bad mistake

If I could tell you – make no mistake
I will love you forever – in your heart I will stay
I’m still here with you – hear my laughter in the wind
I’m in my children – I’m on my way home
I’m walking through that door, I will wait here for you.
I wish you could hear me – it’s not a bad mistake

And I never thought I could find a love as great as ours
You’d hold me so close, for hours and hours

I still hear your voice – Can you hear my voice?
I still feel your touch – Can you feel my touch?

You’re nowhere near me and I just LOVE YOU SO MUCH!