From the recording Your Word is Magic

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Eye For An Eye
© Vaughn Penn

My eyes have done their share of drying
My minds been preoccupied
My life feels like a black bird flying
Towards a resting place on a wire

My ears sting deaf from destruction
my hands shakes cold from numb
My back breaks from people's perceptions
where judgments and grudges are hung


But I'm not going to hate - Even if I ache inside
I'm not going to hurt someone - Even if it's justified
I'm not going to lie - Even if I've been deceived
An eye for an eye is not the life I choose to lead

Has the cost of freedom been forgotten
has the price of peace been banned
I believe love lives deep inside
the brotherhood of man


I'm calling on sad souls and seekers
adhere to the Saints of men
Like Martin - Ghandi & Jesus
we shall all learn to forgive