Cecilia St. King



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Was at the United Nations, performing a peace concert and speaking on a panel for the Unitarian Universalists Fellowship of America's Spring program. Found myself in Times Square close to midnight. We decided to spontaneously do this video. Magic happened that night. 


Performed at a conference at Marygrove College in Detroit, MI for the International Day of Peace. Wandering around the campus, I discovered this sweet little chapel where the acoustics were amazing. Asked my friend Alycia Hutchisson to film me on my PHONE! Technology is amazing, isn't it? When I stepped onto the altar, she said, "There's the most amazing sun ray coming down over your head."  Being blessed.  


Art's for Peace asked me to add my voice to their Global Campaign. It was right after the massacre at Sandy Hook. Couldn't think of a more appropriate song. PEACE.